Model 32 (skirt - trousers model, at the front is skirt at the back trousers, many color combinations available) 60€

Fullbody trousers 4complete open back side slits many colors available
80 Euros

Model 13 (many colors available) €40

Fullbody 9
Complete open back, with one sleeve and many colors available
90 Euros

Model 33 (skirt at the back trousers at the front many color combinations available) 60€

Model 24
(many colors available) 45€

Model 1 (long trousers in various colors available) €50

fullbody 10
open full back tight in the body open V at the front decorated with strass
can be done in different colors (the color in the picture is not available)
100 Euros

Fullbody trousers 1 : complete open back
Many colors available 80€

Model 9 (long trousers with side splits available in velvet and lycra) €45

Model 2 (trouers with one slit at the front, optional: you can combine two colors) 40€

Fullbody trousers 5
Complete open back side slits can be done in 2 combined colors or one ask for more details many colors available 80€

Fullbody trousers 2
complete open back, slit on side and front Many colors available 80€

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Model 10 (trousers with side slits) €40

Fullbody trousers 6
Strapless with elastic that keeps it in place - Open back
side slits, many colors available 60€

Fullbody trousers 7
Complete open back Asymetric trousers with slit front and side Many colors available 80€

Model 38 Combination trousers no splits, many colors available 40€

Model 39 Trousers with split at front and side many colors available 50€

Fullbody 8
Complete open back, Deep V front cut decorated with a strass
Many colors available
100 Euros

Fullbody trousers 3
complete open back Many colors available 80€